Painting Delhi Political

As yet another election season ends in Delhi, the Capital bears the fatigued look of a city reeling from the spurt of political activity. Multiple elections have already taken their toll on an already disfigured public infrastructure.

As has become the norm, campaigning for campus elections is not restricted to campuses alone. Throughout the city, multiple layers of political posters plaster walls hitherto marred only by the usual paan-and-paint combo, and pamphlets, defamatory and laudatory, lay strewn across streets and pavements. Not even the metro, Delhi’s most recent piece of world-class infrastructure, seems to have been spared, with campaigners only revelling at having yet another segment of public property to smother with campaign material. Even areas of the city distant from a college campus assume the role of battlegrounds for contestants, each eager to trump the other in the clash of the parchas.

“The CYSS, perhaps owing to the rub-off of its association with the AAP, has managed to effectively politicise campus elections even further than they already were…”Even as most bills feature little more than candidates’ and their organizations’ names, no less than the Chief Minister features on quite a few, gleefully beaming at detesting passers-by. Another set of posters depicts the CYSS – the latest entrant into student politics, affiliated with the state’s ruling dispensation- as leading in an uncited poll (perhaps they conducted the poll among their own members). While Delhites go through the trouble and tumult of campus election campaigning annually, this year has seen a further negative progression, courtesy majorly the CYSS. Its campaign reeks of the kind of craftiness that, in recent memory, has been associated only with the AAP (certainly not with our plain and simple college lads). The CYSS, perhaps owing to the rub-off of its association with the AAP, has managed to effectively politicise campus elections even further than they already were, forcing all other affected mainstream political parties to jump into the circus ring of student politics.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

Courtesy: The Indian Express

No election is complete without blatant disregard of set rules of fair play, but few contestants manage to break every written rule. This, apparently, was never a challenge for our young student leaders. To further assist them, many rules for campus elections set by the Lyngdoh committee in 2005 seem laughably un-implementable. One rule states that a candidate may spend no more than Rs 5000 on campaigning. Another asserts that campaign posters must be painted, not printed. Cut to reality, and we have the AAP organising a full-fledged concert ‘to spread awareness about government policies’ (with a tiny 20-minute-long speech by the CM about the CYSS) and bills written using MS-Office handwriting fonts (so they seem painted). How our bureaucrats under estimate our young politicos and they, in turn, their non-political counterparts!

The condition of DU college campuses inspires abhor and detest (even greater than the CM’s smile), with practically whole campuses garbed in coats of campaign material. Not just walls and pillars but trees, benches, even random cars (and people) are layered with bills and notices. Calling the commotion inside the campus merely political activity would be an understatement- this is a political cold war, thankfully restricted in its extreme forms to the campuses.

All student organisations , be it ABVP, NSUI or CYSS, emphatically supported the much-hailed Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan last year, yet they overtly turn a blind eye towards the wreckage they create. It is perhaps time that the campus election system is not merely amended, but overhauled.

But until it is, we might just have to bear our CM’s teasing (and costly) grin.


Also published at HuffPost India.

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3 thoughts on “Painting Delhi Political

  1. Democracy Day of 2015

    DEMOCRACY : The legislative and executive power in any democracy of the world has right to direct how force of democracy should be employed for preserving the community and members of the branches.

    The matter of The Justices is that it exempts themselves from obedience to the laws they make in both its making and executing to their own private advantage. Thus to me this is the end of Democracy. Therefore a question arises that in a well ordered democracy where the good of the whole society is so considered as it ought, the legislative power is put into the hands of diverse minorities who suffer from the law that doesn’t give safety and security.

    In any democratic society laws are ought to be designed for the good of all citizens. Such as raising the taxes of property or eminent domain laws with the consent of the Citizens.

    The fundamental law of nature that represents Freedom or free will is based on Democratic values. God or nature never allows a man to abandon himself. Human Beings are not allowed to take their own life neither this power given to State legislative or executive powers.

    Then why is Marshal law in a democratic society. Thus, innocent people have no other remedy in this law as in many other laws of this new world Democracy in which money, Power and Gun rules not the knowledge.

    The fundamental law of nature has thought man that where they have no Judge on earth or justice in democratic society then appeal to heaven for the rulers in such matter for injustice.

    By reading and understanding the power of privileged families ruling of legislative and executive dynasties in many countries for many years is Jock of Democracy and an absolute monarchies here as well as western governments who provide full support of confusion.

    Sometime I wondered, God having made Man with such an intelligent mind that in his own judgment it was not good for him to suffer and live in society, with different languages, cultures , family , justice and freedom of free well and human fealty which is batter then democracy.

    Thus The Democracy of Diplomacy in which dictators are running many countries.

    Written by Ajmal Mehdi
    Americans Minorities Alliance


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