The Common Column: Perspective

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind”

These words by late ace novelist Ayn Rand perfectly reify the objective most writers start with when in the infant stage of their ‘pen life’, and is one of the reasons for the conception of this blog. Writing, to them, as is to me, is the best mode and means for the communication of a personal idea or ideology to the outside world. A curbed and restricted thought does noone any good. All it ensures is that a potentialy winning and innovative idea stays within the creator’s mind and never sees the light of the day. Writing not only ensures that the topic is well and descriptively explained, but also that it is understood well by the readers.

Over the past years, blogging has grown into one of the most popular-in fact probably the most popular- means of public writing. This blog is no pathbreaker, nor a playing-to-the-gallery kind. All I aim for with this blog is putting forward my opinion on completely arbitrary- sometimes un-trending- but crucial and meaningful topics. Not that my-or for that matter any- opinion matters, but expressing it in words is an art and relief of its own kind. Once your thoughts lie on the open stage, the sense of satisfaction experienced is very unique.

The name of this blog required a lot of thought. Yours truly could have gone with virtually anything, even a simple one-worder, but a sudden idea -‘The Common Column’- did sound striking. All that will be written about in this blog, will be subjects of common talk and thought- the writer too, after all, is a common man with a common thought.

So its is earnestly hoped that all readers do like the blog and articles, and that they feel open to leaving comments about anything they liked- or more importantly, disliked- about the blog or a particlular article.  Any suggestions will be very sportingly welcomed and thought over.